Do I have to pay the 1 percent voluntary contribution?

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I have been paying cotisations quarterly all year on my business earnings from our chambre d’hotes and gites in France (turnover 27,000 euros) and submitted the tax return which was completed by the tax office. I have just received a demand for 1,285 euros. I was advised not to pay the 1% voluntary contribution by many people (including the man in the tax office) as we would not need to pay it. We are a family of four - two adults and two children.

When I took the tax return in and they completed it they confirmed that we would not need to pay anything further, having paid to RSI our contributions and given our family circumstances. We have no other income apart from the gite and chambre d’hotes and 100 GBP in interest from our savings in the UK which I declared.

It seems to say on the tax form that it is for social charges, but surely we have already paid them. I don’t understand where this extra charge has come from and would be so grateful for any help.

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