Do I have to open a business in France?

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I have been a full-time resident in France for over a year and have Carte Vital etc. I have a consultancy business in the UK servicing UK customers and I pay UK income tax, UK VAT and UK National Insurance. I have let the French and UK tax authorities know this and they are fine as long as I declare my income fully, filling in tax returns in both countries.

In the new year I wish to start importing products, made in the UK, into France. Can I do this by purchasing the products by my UK business and then just exporting them over to France, continuing to declare the turnover/profit in the UK and keeping the French tax authorities advised? Or would it be better to set up a new business in France as an auto-entrepreneur or under Regime Simplifie? So, the supplier will sell the products to my UK business, that will then export them to France. The products will be re-labelled in France and posted to customers, in France. I will not be employing anyone, but do realise that even if I do this through the UK company I may have to pay a balance of social charges in France.

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