DES declaration mistake

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In my last declaration done in July for the month of June, I made a mistake.

Basically I got paid twice by one of my EU clients for service liberale in June, once at the beginning of the month and once at the very last day of it.

On July 1st I added on DES the payment received at the beginning of June but I forgot to add the 2nd payment because I thought I received it at the beginning of July rather than the end of June. Therefore I got paid twice in June but declared just one of these payments. I declared the 2nd one today thinking I was paid in July but upon checking I found out it wasn’t the case so I canceled today’s declaration since I basically didn’t get anything in July.

Since we’re talking about the same customer, can I sum the value of the second invoice to the 1st declaration made for June or should I create a new declaration now, Aug 1st, for June? Could I have any repercussions for this very human error, made in good faith? (it’s not so clear from the website since I don’t see any examples for profession liberale)

I hope I was clear, it’s kinda tricky to explain.

Thanks in advance.

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