Defer invoices to my wife

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I am potentially going over the 70,000 Euro threshold for ME’s this year, and am looking at options.  My wife currently does not work, but we are considering starting a small ME business for her (‘small’ as in, about a hundred euros per month) for some continuous work she is thinking of doing, in the same industry as me (website design).

If she was to start up as an ME also, would I be able to defer some of my invoices to her, so that I don’t go over the ME limit?  By ‘defer’, I mean I do the work, but she invoices the client and they pay her directly, so it would go into her business’ income, rather than mine.

Is this possible or even legal?! Are there any other options I could look into, so that I don’t have to delay my invoicing until Jan 2020, but also so that I don’t go over the 70k limit?

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