Dedicated Bank Account - Auto Entrepreneur

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Hello Valerie,

I have been in France for a year on a Visitor visa and have recently (January) had a change in status to Entrepreneur visa. For the Changement de Statut, I had to open a French bank account and show some balance in it, which I did. I request you for a couple of clarifications related to this:

1) Can I now dedicate this personal bank account for my newly registered auto-entrepreneur business or do I need to open another account? I have not had any client payments yet.
2) The account has some money in it. Do I empty it out (transferring to myself or my wife) before starting to use it only for business?
3) If this account is to be dedicated to the business, how can I use the money for personal use? Can I transfer some specific salary to my wife’s account (or mine) on a monthly basis?

Thank you.

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