Declaring two different quarterly incomes to Urssaf

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I (with external help) have finally registered my holiday let under my AE account and we’re just waiting to see what (if anything) has changed in this new year before we register it with Atout France to receive lower social charge rates.

But I do need to declare my Qtr 4 income. How do I declare two separate incomes? I believe that my info will only ever show my primary business type, so do I just write the rental income into another box on the same page? And Urssaf will understand that?

I currently declare my beauty income under ‘services commerciales ou artisanales’ which works out around 24% social charge and as you told me that before registering with Atout France the social charges for the holiday let would be around 12% should I just put it in the ‘vente de marchandises’ box? It’s very confusing.

Do Urssaf just make assumptions on your income as it doesn’t seem like a clear or sensible way to declare income at all!


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