Declaring to urssaf and tax return

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Hello Valerie,

Basically, I would like advice on how to pay outstanding urssaf payments for my husband and what I should put in the our tax return for 2019.

We didn’t realise that his urssaf account had been closed down at the end of 2018 (by urssaf) due to lack of filing returns. He wasn’t working much, however during 2019 he did earn some money (less than 5000 Euros). I informed urssaf and asked how we could file this, but they said that because he doesn’t have an urssaf account he can’t file those earnings.

My question is, what do I do regarding tax returns (I’m late for filing 2019 and about to do it on paper) - However, I’m not sure what to put for my husband’s income. Shall I just put what he has earned - even though there won’t be a corresponding urssaf account?

Thank you in advance.

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