Declaring income tax for 2019 etc

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I know this is a bit early but I would like to ask you some questions about declaring income tax for the year 2019.

My situation is I started living in France from May 2018 and for the first year I was unemployed while my French partner was working part time not earning much. In May this year I went in person to declare our household tax and recently I just received the letter from impot sur les revenus saying that we declare 0 for the year 2018. Both my partner and I started as micro entrepreneurs ( separately ) from April and July respectively this year and we are wondering what is our next step to declare our income tax for 2019? Do we do it online now and declare once a year in May 2020 or monthly ( he was saying that the new rule is to start declaring our incomes every month but im not so sure about it )

Now that we are working and having our incomes through our separate micro entrepreneur statues - how do we declare our tax - be it annually or monthly from when? In person or online? Do I need to register an account for both of us on immediately? Also, how do we change to a new adresse d’imposition?

I have emailed you the letter that we received from impot sur les revenus - could you take a look at it as well?

Thank you so much!


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