Declaring Income

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In light of the income declaration I would like to ask you for a few info regarding the income declaration for autoetnrepeneurs:

1. I got the “ATTESTATION FISCALE 2020” from URSSAF. I just declare the amount that is in this document, right? I do not need to add up things, myself, right? Also, like with the URSSAF declaration, I just declare my income on the 2020, not the invoices I issued, right? I am asking that because I issued an invoice on December, but got paid on 2021.

2.  The “ATTESTATION FISCALE 2020” from URSSAF mentions: “Vous avez opté pour le versement libératoire de l’impôt sur le revenu.”. This means that I opted for Impot liberatoire as you mention in your blog post (, right? In that case, if I understood correctly, I click on the “micro-entrepreneur” box based on your first attached image in the article, but not on the “Revenus non-commerciaux professionels”, right? Instead, I just fill afterwards the 5TE cell with the amount that is inscribed under the “Prestations BNC” in the “ATTESTATION FISCALE 2020” from URSSAF, right?

That’s all. Thanks a lot once more.


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