Declaration trimestrielle / social security number

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I registered as Régime Micro-Entrepreneur January 2019 received my first declaration paper in the post from URSSAF.

  1. The letter / form only states that this is for the first trimester but the deadline is 31 / 07 / 19 so that makes it two quarters, which i understand is correct to get the your first two declarations at once?
  2. I have created an account with some time ago as I wish to pay online but i can log onto it says error not known, so i try to create a new account but says i already have account and to log on under mon compte which sends me round in circles i can change password but have to do this every time which lets me in but it say no information on my account. (Sorry i know login to accounts is not your area just trying to set the scene) My question on this is, do you only get access to the online account once you have completed and returned the first paper declaration?
  3. My social security number - if a social security number has three consecutive zeros i.e. **********000 is this a temporary number? I read that 5 zeros is temporary perhaps 3 zeros indicates this too? 

Thank you

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