Declaration d’Impots Question on input

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Not sure if I can ask tax questions here but I am tax resident in France and last year Sept 19 I had a tax rebate from the UK paid into my UK bank account which I declare here in France (I drew down some money from a private pension the previous year and they held this amount back until I had done the dual taxation declaration here in France). As a rebate this is not revenue but I just wanted to check if I needed to report this anywhere on the French declaration? Or I assume they already know about it?

Also I have had some fields pre-filled in which they say I can correct but I am not sure what they are can you enlighten me?.

2TR Produits de placement à revenu fixe sans abattement : xxx
2BH Revenus déjà soumis aux prélèvements sociaux avec CSG déductible si option barème : xxx
2CK Prélèvement forfaitaire non libératoire déjà versé : xx

Many thanks for your help.

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