Déclaration des revenus for 2016?

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I’m a little confused as to which of the additional forms (Déclarations annexes) I have to fill in. I earned income in France as a micro-entrepreneur. Some of this income came through my own website and some of it came through an online company registered in England - they pay me like I’m a freelancer (they don’t deduct any tax or anything).

  1. I earned the money from my computer / apartment in France (online teaching) and the earnings go straight into my French bank account (via Transferwise). As this was all earned and declared under my micro-entrepreneur status I presume that these figures will all go on the main form and I won’t have to fill in form 2047 (for the freelance work) as well?
  2. I had some chômage: I guess this figure goes on the main form?
  3. I have foreign bank accounts: which I think I need to declare on form 3916?
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