Déclaration des revenus 2019 help

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Hello, I am making a late return for the tax year 2019 and have a few queries which I am hoping you may help with. I moved to France from the UK in May 2019 with my wife, I am self employed in the UK, I run a small record label and online store (this is my only income). All of the work is done in the UK and I didn’t work in France during 2019. As I understand it I still need to complete forms 2042, 2047 & 3916. I am registered in France as an artiste-auteur BNC. I read the double taxation agreement between France and the UK and it seems that as my work is carried out in the UK I am not taxed in France but still need to declare foreign income to determine my tax bracket.

- Where do I declare my foreign income?
- My wife doesn’t have a numero fiscal, she doesn’t work, is this ok or does she need to obtain one?

- As I understand it according to my circumstances I need to complete section 8 only?
- This section asks for total foreign income after foreign taxes have been deducted, I have this figure for the UK tax year (6th April 2019 - 5th April 2020) however this doesn’t correspond to the French tax year - or for me; May 2019 to Dec 31st 2019 (from when I moved to France to the end of the French tax year). So I’m not sure how to declare my taxed foreign income for that time period?

Any help and guidance you could provide would really be appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.

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