Déclaration des revenues?

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I am waiting for my tax form but it hasn’t arrived yet, I thought they normally came end of April but I have received a form Cerfa 2047-K l’étranger, I got married December 2009 so added my husbands details to my 2009 return last year. I worked for a company last year and set up auto-entrepreneur in October so I thought my form would come through, the year before it had the income figure already typed. Should I contact them or wait?

The first year I declared my friend told me to fill in the box for Revenues d’heures supplémentaires exonérés. Can you tell me what this is, I didn’t fill it in last year but ended up paying tax? My husband is on minimum wage and works for an English company in France and pays tax in England and my salary is below the threshold so can you say why I had to pay tax last year for 2009? I earnt 12539€ and as I mention my husband already pays tax. My tax was 221€. Do I declare my husbands income from England and Pole emploi benefits on my form?

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