Decennale insurance and APE codes

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We have just registered under 43.12A Travaux de terrassement courants et travaux préparatoires. We are trying to get insurance and the insurance broker we are using says it’s a legal obligation to have assurance décennale for terrassement because it’s construction. So…
Does everything in section F (construction) of the APE/NAF codes require the décennale insurance?
Is décennale insurance specific to certain codes regardless of the actual work you do under that code?

I explained that we don’t do foundation work for structures like houses. We dig trenches for people for drainage/new pipes etc or landscaping work like moving soil to create patches of level ground for a seating area or even just flower beds, that sort of thing. The code we have was recommended by the CMA and I thought they told us at the time that we wouldn’t need this extra very expensive insurance.


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