Currently an Artisan under Micro / Auto entrepreneur and will start a side business in 2019

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Hi Valerie, you helped steer me in the right direction last year to set up my Artisan business and we are looking to change a few things next year, hope you can help.

in December 2017 I started a business as an Artisan in conjunction with Chamber de Metiers, this will always be a part-time business for me with revenues under the 30,000 cap.

Next year we will be opening one 2 bedroom Gites on our property and we need some advice on the proper structure to set up for income purposes, ill add some details below.

1 Gite to open in 2019
1 Gite to open in 2020 both on our main residence property.

Can be set up with either myself if needed or my wife as principle who does not currently work.
Expected revenue from 1 Gite , Year 2019 of max 16,000 euros.
Expected revenue from 2 Gites, year 2020 of max 25,000 euros.

Also a possibility of opening a biking business in year 2021 to expand our 2 Gite business into Spring and Autumn.

Many Thanks

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