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I managed to register as a Profession Libérale (code: 1500) and have received details of VOS OBLIGATION FISCALES, just wanted to check I understood the requirements in particular the TVA requirement.

BNC - Bénéfices non commerciaux - DECC Régime de la déclaration controlée Numéro (ROF) : BNC1
TVA - Taxe sue la valeur ajoutée - RSI - Réel simplifié d’imposition Numéro (ROF): TVA1
Périodicité de l"acompte 3514: Semestrielle
Périodicité de la déclaration CA12: Annuelle
CFE - Coisation fonciére des enterprises - VLF LIB - Valeur locative foncière des libéraux Numéro (ROF): CFE1
CVAE - Cotisation sur la valeur ajoutée des enterprises - REGDECLA _ Régime de la déclaration Numéro (ROF: CVAE1
RCM - Revenues de capitaux mobiliers - Numéro (ROF): RCM1

From this I believe the 20% TVA on invoices is to be paid every 6 months with form 3514, and an annual statement CA12 made for the year 2021, is the 6 months declaration from the date of registration of per financial year (i.e. June). The TVA collected (all 20% on invoices) is paid every 6 months?

Using the personal income simulator (, I have the calculated in the remaining amounts for the first year, income using a flat rate base and neutral tax rate. If I operate on the basis of 47% for all obligations for 2021 and keep this in the account for business, would this be a good percentage to work with as a basis to cover the majority of obligations?

Apart from TVA, should I be paying anything additional throughout the year until my annual tax return in 2022?

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