Covid 19 - Government support to small businesses in France

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Hi Valerie,

We have had a look at the URSSAF “Solidarity Fund” website and reviewed the types of work/jobs that can apply for the €1,500 per month for September.  From what we can see the categories are geared towards the service industry, which excludes that type of work that Phill does. 

He is a freelance computer consultant (registered Auto-Entrepreneur in 2017), which used to involve travelling to other EU countries for contract work.  As you are aware, this is now no longer possible due to Covid-19 restrictions and of course, the quarantine requirements. His last “work from home” contract expired at the end of August and to date, has had no luck in finding a replacement one.

Is there an alternative way to access emergency funds from another government/local source?

Many thanks - Steve & Phill

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