Cost, expenses and auto-entrepreneur accounting software?

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My other half is an auto-entrepreneur. We have pacs but I can’t work because I am an American on a visteur titre de sejour. Normally, I’ll have my status changed in August to vie privée et familiale, which will allow me to work. Meanwhile until then, I can’t add me to his auto-entrepreneur status. So my questions are, is it possible to include receipts for goods that were paid by me on his auto-entrepreneur accounting books? I would assume I would need to make sure his name and Siret number were on the receipts/invoices?

Also, what about the smaller items that we pay in cash at local retail stores? I assume we can’t ask retailers to put his Siret number on every little item we buy for the company? What is that limit where no additional info is needed? Finally, is there an affordable, or free, accounting software program that we could use to help keep track of everything digitally.

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