Correcting substandard works in business premises?

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We are setting up a business and have rented an atelier from the local Mairie. The atelier required some building work (painting, tiled floors) to meet hygiene regulations and the mairie had this work carried out by a local builder with the cost added to our rent over the next three years.

We have just got the keys to the atelier and found that the work has not been carried out to a satisfactory standard (inadequate drainage, uneven floor meaning water does not drain). I have written to the mairie outlining our concerns with suggestions for partially resolving the problem, including a reduction in our rent so that the costs added include only materials used and not labour costs. I haven’t yet had a reply. I have just received the bill for the first months rent - I am willing to pay as I don’t want to get hate mail from the Tresor Public at such an early stage. I am concerned that in making the first payment I am accepting a contract to continue to pay this amount. Can you advise please?

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