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I am in discussion with an Association Familles Rurales (AFR) regarding giving collective English lessons for children and adults. They noticed from my CV that I have work experience since 1970, so they concluded I must be over 70 yrs old, which is correct as I am!!

They told me they cannot “employ” anyone over 70. !!

My questions to you:
1) Is this a rule in France?
2) It is not to be considered as “employment” as I am an Auto-entrepreneur, and run my own Centre de Formation ( with a distinct brand name) which is registered with DIRRECTE. I am seeking a contract with them as an independent.
3) Can they enter into a contract between themselves as an AFR and my Centre de Formation company?
4) Is there anything wrong in following with the solution as in (3) above?

Your urgent response is greatly appreciated.


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