Completing the CAF resources declaration form

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We moved to France this year and I have been attempting to register and be assessed by the CAF. I have just received a request from CAF to re-complete the resource declaration form as they say ‘it seems you have declared your income in pounds sterling’.  This would be the case because in 2017 we were still living in the UK and it was indeed income in Pound Sterling! Should I be putting this income on the form at all? Or is it only asking for € earned in 2017 - in which case I would put 0? Or should I convert the £‘s into €‘s?

Also, in 2017 we had a healthy UK income.  We have now moved over to start a new business so currently have no income! Will we have to wait until 2021 to have our actual financial circumstances taken into account in terms of assessing us for any benefits?!

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