Completed cerfa 11921*5 for holiday gite as Micro-bic, then got reply - have they made a mistake?

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My husband completed the Cerfa 11921 to register as micro-bic for running a small gite in the summers only. We live in London, not France.
We then received the following:
1) A letter headed: OBJET: Creation de votre activite professionnelle. Vos interlocuteurs aupres de la DGFIP
2)A paper headed: MEMENTO FISCAL: containing the following information about what they think is our business:
SIRET number -      they gave us one
Date de creation:      this is correct
Forme juridique:      (Autre) personne physique (code: 1900)
Activite principale:  Location de logements (code (6820A)
3)A questionnaire to be filled in and returned in 30 days:
OBJET: Questionnaire relatif a l’activite PROFESSIONNELLE (my capital letters)  a retourner complete au SIE sous 30 jours.
Is this a mistake?? 1) I thought he’d get a SIREN number. 2) Surely this is the wrong classification as this is seasonal holiday lettings only and not for permanent lodgers? We are very confused. Please help! Thanks

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