Closing a business

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I have been running a gite business as an autoentrepreneur since 2015. I and my wife have been tax resident in France since the beginning of 2017. My wife started her own business (chambre d’hotes, language instruction) in 2017.
I would now like to close my own business and merge running our gites into my wife’s business. The primary reason for this is that I am 69 and would like become less active in running the letting properties. However, I would continue to maintain some involvement in the business.
My 3 questions are: (1) What is the process for closing my own business? (2) What do I need to do to become formally associated with my wife’s business? (3) How would future cotisacions be made so that I would continue to be covered in the French health care system?

(Note that I am a dual UK-US citizen but I don’t have an S1 from the UK since I have not been resident there for many years. Both I and my wife have titres de sejour.)

Thanks for your assistance.

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