client refusal to pay TVA

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Previously you gave me lots of information and advice about the rules surrounding TVA. I’m predicting to exceed the lower threshold for TVA exemption in the autumn, possibly october. I work for a large company in the UK who employ me as an “individual freelancer” and pay a fixed amount for each assignment that I complete. My invoices are “self billing” in that I input the work I have completed into an online database and this automatically generates an invoice which they email to me every month. On this invoice is a space for VAT (TVA) which has been blank for now. I contacted them to inform them that I was approaching the threshold and would need to start charging TVA. As the invoices are generated by them I asked them what the procedure would be. However, they replied saying that all tax is my problem and that I should seek external advice about tax. In my contract with them it seems to state quite clearly that they should be producing a VAT invoice for me every month and that VAT should be charged at the prevailing rate when appropriate. I highlighted these sections but have yet to hear back. My question is, can a company refuse to pay VAT? Is this a problem that an accountant can look at or do I need a lawyer?
I’m worried that if I exceed the upper threshold that will effectively give me a 20% paycut next tax year if I have to pay the VAT burden myself.


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