Clarification over taxes for EURL business and a question about payslips

Mike L
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I’ve read so much information on EURL businesses as the taxes they face. I shall try and explain my situation briefly.

I run several websites that generate income from advertisements. My costs are fairly static, but depending on income I will often re-invest profits into new websites or into further expanding my current websites to grow my portfolio.

  • My business generates around €3500 per month in revenue.
  • I have around €1000 a month in outgoings (web development, software, accountant costs).
  • I pay myself €2800 a month (as I budgeted this is an ideal amount for bills, rent, groceries and some food/drinks/socialising each month).

As a result, I don’t really generate a lot of profit as I’ve not been in business long.

My wife is currently studying and has no income, so our household income is just the €2800 per month.

A few questions -

  1. I pay my salary into out joint bank account. Do I need to issue some sort of payslip for myself as proof of income (for a potential future mortgage application for example).
  2. I believe I am liable for :
  • Income tax on my salary - how much is this for my current salary - and if I reduce my salary, will that move me into a lower tax bracket?
  • Commercial tax on profits generated by the business. Is this paid every January? Assuming the business generates 0 profit, are there any charges to pay?
  • Social security charges. What is the minimum contribution I will be charged on a business making such little profit, and how often does this get paid?


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