Checking my CFE calculation

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I set up my business in July 2020 so I was exempt from CFE in 2020 and have received my first bill in 2021.
The tax bill does not show any detail on how it has been calculated and I would rather know to be sure it is correct (as it is fairly substantial).

I am an auto-entrepreneur that works from home, so I assume it is based on my chiffres d’affaires and the taux de CFE applicable to my town (Annecy)

My questions are:
1) Is the 2021 bill based on my chiffres d’affaires for 2020?
2) If for example my chiffres d’affaires were 25,000 euros, can you tell me what the formula would be to calculate the CFE (the taux de CFE for Annecy is 24.46%)?

Thank you.

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