Changing my Business Type micro entrepreneur

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My husband registered as gites owner/manager in January 2019.  However, due to finances and other family issues, the work needed to be done is now going to take a lot longer than planned and probably won’t be completed ready to rent out and hence make any “income” within an initial 2 year period.  Instead he has been looking at making/selling fishing baits - as this is something he has done in past in UK.  He has only just received his social security number and CV is in process as a result of registering for the gites so want to keep things “continuous”.  Should he keep just filing monthly returns for the gites business (all zeros) whilst he applies for his new micro entrepreneur role - or does he have to close the Gites one first?  Also, if it’s selling fishing baits (mainly online as we won’t have a physical shop) what regime would he be under as a micro entrepreneur?

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