Changing from LMNP to micro entrepreneur

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I am currently listed with impots as non professional for my gite, I only declare my income once a year to Impots and have a SIRET number for this purpose (only with Impots).

As I want to add an extra service ( location voitures) I have been advised I must register a business and cannot add this to my siret

The gite is solely in my name and has nothing to do with my partner. Will it be better for my partner to set up a new business or would it be beneficial to change from the current set up.. I have no idea of the options. I just know at the moment we pay very little on our 15,000 per yer income, we do not need accountants and have one tax form to fill in each year.

Is it better to change business or for my partner to start one ?

What are the financial implications of starting a new business such as micro entrepreneur compared to our current one ?

Are there initial costs and regular costs to having a business ?

There just seems so much information out there and laws constantly changing, I have no idea where to start.

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