Changing auto-entrepreneur business address in France

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I am in the process of ending my domiciliation commerciale contract in France, because I’m hardly using it so it’s a waste of money. I will use my home address instead. I need to provide three documents attestation de société non créée, le document INSEE de transfert and le document INSEE de radiation to get my deposit back.
Could you kindly explain what these documents are and how I get them?

Further to this question which organisations do I need to contact to inform them of a change of address? When I registered my auto-entrepreneur business I received letters (with registration info) from INSEE, URSAFF and Service des Impôts des Entreprises.

Do I need to contact all of them to change my business address to my home address? They already have my home address. Are there any other organisations that I haven’t mentioned that would need to be informed?

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