Change of activity refused

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I originally registered my activity as ‘6201Z Programmation Informatique’. I am a software developer, but mostly sell my own apps on the App Store. After realising there is an actual category for this ‘58.29C : Edition de logiciels applicatifs’ I tried to update things through the INPI website.

The request came back as refused, with the online reason as “other”.

Today I received a registered letter that explains my request was refused because I am not registered with RCS de Bergerac and I must therefore register with supporting documents in order to add the activity. This was also accompanied by what looks like a bill for €8.15

I noticed when completing the form on INPI that it mentioned 58.29C is registered with Greffe, whereas 6201Z isn’t registered with anyone.

So what is Greffe?
Do I need to send them €8.15?
Shall I just forget about changing status and leave it as is?

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