Change my status from commerçant to profession liberal

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Hi Valerie,
First of all, I just feel so relived to find your website.

Here is my problem. I came to France in 2018 and obtained “travailleur temporaire” visa. And I started my side job, which is translating and teaching, so I decided to register my business officially. But because my level of French was poor at that time, I hired an accountant to open my business.

And a few days ago, I found that she registered me as a “Commerçant” and my NAT code is 7022Z CONS.POUR AFFAIRES ET AUTRES CONS.GEST. I am a translator and a teacher and was very clear about it.

I tried to change or update my status on the website ( and went “Gérer mon enterprise” and picked “commerçant” because that’s what I am currently. Then it leads to me this website ( I tried sign up but it does not recognise my SIREN.

I also need to update my home address and professional address, but it should be done at the same website (, right?

I feel so stuck and have a plan to extend my stay in France with profession libérale and wonder it would be a problem when I ask an extension.

I would appreciate your help very much. Have a nice afternoon!

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