Cancelling invoice

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I invoiced a client last week in EUR, she used Transferwise but somehow got the currencies mixed up, and despite me giving my EUR IBAN I ended up with GBP in my GBP account (have since found out that your email address is linked to your Transferwise account so whatever output currency the sender chooses is the account where the funds end up)

I’m trying to work out the best way to fix this – would it be best to send her the GBP back and ask her to do it again but send the EUR this time, or should I cancel the EUR invoice and raise a new one for the exact GBP amount I ended up with… or something else?

I don’t mind taking any small financial hits, I’d really rather not ask her to do anything else if it can be helped as she found the whole thing very confusing and I’m worried the same thing might happen.

Appreciate any ideas! Thanks

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