Can we still declare our social charges via Net Entreprises?

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  1. I logon to
  2. I click Votre Compte button, on the upper right corner
  3. Under Vous connecter section, i enter my login details and click Je Me Connecte button
  4. Then under the Vos declarations section, there’s a green box (hyperlink) to access my declarations
  5. when i click the green box (hyperlink), i see this message: “This site can’t be reached”

I was able to make my declarations successfully in the past using this process. But it seems to be broken today.
I wonder if this is happening for everyone or is it just my account? Is there any other way to access my declarations, if the problem persists?
I think i have a declaration due by July 30, 2018. Thank you for your suggestions Valerie

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