Can we start a business as a partnership in France?

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We are hoping to move to our house in France this year and set up a business. We want to start the business that will be called A Taste of Calvados. This business will not be large and only my wife and I will work in the business.

The business will involve my wife creating and reproducing art and interesting brocante type items for sale. These will be sold at events, perhaps a weekly market in France and in England at some events, also on a website. I will be setting up a website that will retail Calvados, Pommeau and other products from Calvados. We will sell at events in the UK. We both intend to work together and really are looking to just form one business set up in France that we both work in. The business may add other related activities as it progresses. We may do a few art style holiday visits. Not accommodation but my wife teaching art. I might complete a few Calvados distillery visits for people on holiday with a meal etc.

We do not want separate businesses, but just to have everything in one business to keep it simple. It is a lifestyle business. We want the simplest possible business regime. We are looking to earn net income of about 2,000 euros per month when established. The first year will be developing the business and income will be lower.

Clearly in the early days the business will need to grow and we do not know how quickly it will generate a decent income. We will need to be cautious with expectations. We clearly want to keep taxes at the lowest possible level to allow the business to grow. We would hope that the business would not need to register for TVA. In the UK this is possible for small businesses.

  1. What is the best regime for us that will be efficient for taxes and cotisations and how and when would they be paid?
  2. We also need to know how we become registered for health care and social security.
  3. In the UK it is possible to earn about £11000 per year each without paying tax, but you have to pay National Insurance. Is there a level that is free of charges before they are paid. If so. what is this?
  4. Can I submit my accounts to the tax office without an accountant?
  5. I believe that you can help with all of the registration processes of the business in France as we would like to get set up fairly quickly and commence the business when we move. What cost might be involved and how long does it take for the business, health and social security processes to complete?
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