Can I request to go back to CPAM from RSI?

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I registered as an auto-entrepreneur last year and at that time I was effectively registerd as dependant on my husbands (he is salared CPAM and Mutuelle). When my card didn’t regulate properly at the chemist (this year in fact) the pharmacist told me to go into the CPAM office. I did and I updated my card on the borne (the computer program terminated abnormally with a not-found internet page - no proper error message) it then churned out an attestation with my husband and two kids on it and me no longer there under my husbands social security number.

I went to the desk and the woman took my card. She said I was registered as an independant, I told her that I earnt nothing and was thinking of closing the business. She said it didn’t matter that I had to stay with the RSI for one year after a cessation of the business and that I should go and see the RSI. She took the card and would not give it back to me even though I asked she said it didn’t work (I believe this is wrong as this card could be used again even under a differnt social security etc.).

I rang the English speaking helpline and the phone line phoned me back after speaking to the woman saying that my social security number was not found. The English speaking helpline kept saying go into the local office, but frankly it’s dangerous - now she has my card. Maybe they couldn’t find me as I was previously under my husbands social security number at CPAM.

I earnt nothing in 2009 so I was under the view that I would not be eligble for healthcare under the RSI as I have effectively paid no cotisations to RSI and effectivley I am dependant on him. My husband is paying exactly the same cotisations from his salary to his health organisations, so he is effectively still paying for me. I we write to CPAM and ask to go back on under ayant droit? I read one of your other posts and it said you could ask the RSI to agree transfer to CMU ,does this mean I can request to transfer back to my husbands CPAM and mutuelle?

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