Can I reduce my accountancy fees?

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I wonder if you could advise on book keeping and accountancy fees. I employed accountants to help me set up my business and register it, and also do the book keeping. I understand that I have to do compulsory booking as I am an entreprise individuelle and also registered for TVA. I opted for accountancy help as my French is still very limited.

However, I find the fees incredibly onerous - the book keeping alone is around 1800 euros a year, and I have to pay extra for filing a tax return as well as for anything that falls outside the usual book keeping jurisdiction. I reckon I must have paid in the region of 4000 euros by now for book keeping, tax returns and other filings. I was initially under the impression I would pay a fixed annual sum, but I have obviously misunderstood. First, do you think this is normal. Second, what do I have to get an accountant to do, and how could I save fees? e.g. next year perhaps I could do my own tax return.

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