Can I expand my walking tour to France?

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Good morning. I currently run a walking tour business in the UK (as a sole trader without any employees). My ambition is to set up a tour in France which will be delivered by me when I am in France, but mainly by an employee/ casual worker- e.g. a student when I am in the UK.
Can you tell me if this is possible to do before I start getting things in place?
I will not have a fixed address in France- I will be staying in rented accommodation /hotels etc when there.
I will aim to have at least one employee who will take the majority of the fees from the walking tours (I need to work on a finance structure for this).
Bookings will be made via my website and I envision creating a ‘free’ tour, where the visitors can pay what they feel the tour was worth.

Best wishes and thank you for operating this forum.

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