Can an American citizen establish a business in France under a student visa?

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I am here in France for one year under a student visa. My visa allows me to work 20 hours a week. I would be teaching English. I would like to have classes for adults in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. Thus, I could have a number of students but still be within my visa restrictions. Can I establish a business as an American citizen? I estimate my income this year to be under the limits for auto-entrepreneur which I understand is 19,000 euros for a year. Next year the amount would be more potentially as I would want to work the entire year. 

What are the tax implications for establishing a business? From what I read I could transfer the business from auto-entrepreneur to another type during next year. Is that correct? I would then extend my visa next year when it expires as I would have a business. Do you know if that is possible?

Finally, should none of this be possible, I have a friend that is a UK citizen that could also form the business and employ me solely. Is that possible? I assume it could not be an auto-entrepreneur. Can you confirm?

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