Can a French resident work for a UK limited company?

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I have 2 daughters who have a very good idea for an internet based company and they would like it to cross the UK / French borders. The daughter in the UK has already registered a UK limited company. It is in the early stages and as yet has not made any income. Can my daughter in France become a part of that company, i.e. director, and still be inside the French law?

Daughter 1 (UK): has her own consultancy business and has an income and pays all her taxes in the UK. Daughter 2 (France): She is married with children, unemployed but does not collect from the ANPE. She is taxed from the overall income of her husband. Can daughter 2 be allowed to work for a UK company without having a regular income? Or perhaps, place a director fee, invoiced from her home address, paid in Euros and declare this as income at the end off the year to the appropriate French authority?

Can you advise on any legal requirements that are necessary to comply with international law for internet based business?

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