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Hi, I would like to know if the way I have set my enterprise up is correct:

  -providing technical services for live events, entertainment media and broadcast (with Kbis + SIRET)

I have set up under the legal structure of auto-entrepreneur after successful registration with R.C.S. for “prestation de services”, but was declined a status with urssaf for the reason “CCI Competant”.
I went to the CCI Correze who advised me everything with my account looked fine and that I should just submit my “Chiffres des affairs” through the impots.gouv website.
They advised that I was able to be an auto entrepreneur working in the live events industry but can only claim my invoices (no expenses).
The advised I can change my structure based on what works best but there will be different social charges implicated - along with more responsibilities for accounts and record keeping.

My questions:

I am confused as to what category I fall into. I assume that I am a Commerçant working in the non-commerçant sector? Or am i an artisan, or profesionell liberale? How can I find this out?

Based on earning €40K in 7 months and 11 days - do I need to demand/delcare T.V.A.? If so, where can I find my T.V.A. number details? (I am registered with Impots personal and professional spaces).

Based on the above, would it be a good idea to keep detailed accounts (not simplified) incase I exceed the threshold of when this becomes mandatory? I think that because it is split over two years I would not exceed the threshold but if I get more work next year then it’s possible I may exceed.

Would I NEED an accountant? (for claiming international paid TVA, personal allowances etc.) How much can I expect to pay for this in France? Could you recommend someone?

With the refusal from Urssaf, who should I contact with regards to obtaining an A1 statement for work outside of France. (This was asked in another thread, but I do not have access to that tab in the urssaf portail) is there someone at the CCI?

Expenses and Structure
Working on a touring show, I expect to do 10,000KM minimum travel in my own vehicle, having to pay around €600 in professional insurances (Public Liability, Personal Accident, Business Travel, Vehicle Business) as well as my own food and phone.

I expect my direct allowable expenses to be around €7200 while maintaining my regular financial obligations (professional). I also often need equipment and tools for work and these can be expensive but again are infrequent.

What is the best structure for my business? I have a lot of food receipts that create a LOT of non-repeatable small value account entries and also understand that there are much higher social charges in certain schemes and think maybe it will be better to simplify - I could just do with a bit of advice on that really. I’m pretty good with the accounts but I hate doing them and would much rather spend my time doing creative work if the potential savings aren’t going to be worth it.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

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