Business plan sample for entrepreneur visa

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Hi Valerie,

I have applied for the “entrepreneur/ profession libérale” visa in my local consulate district (California, USA).  I included a business motivation letter specifying my intention to work as a self-employed software engineer.  The embassy in Washington DC has requested that I send them the following to complete my application:

“Your business plan, specifying that the building you intend to use is available for four months.”

1. I have requested a letter from the coworking space from which I intend to work (La Cordée) indicating that they have availability for four months, do you think that is sufficient?

2. What specifically is required in the business plan?  Do you have any samples you can share?  I intend to initially provide consultant services under the auto-entrepreneur scheme, but will eventually establish an independent business to sell services as well as mobile and web application products (potentially under a passeport talent visa).

Any help is greatly appreciated, merci d’avance!

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