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Hello Valerie, I’m an European citizen and I would like to ask you the following punctual questions :
1. What is the company type do you recommend for an On line activity ( shop , services on line) ? ( EUR, SARL….auto entrepreneur )
2. How long does it take to create an EURL ?  ( I’m looking for the fastest service)
3. How many domains of activity can I add at the creation of an EURL ?
4. Can I sell / transfer an EURL in the future if needed ?
5. How much cost ( In average ) to create a company in France ?
6. Do you recommend to take the services of an Company Creation ?
7. At an EURL can I add another associate in the future if needed ? Or what happens if in the future I will need to add an associate or more ?
8. Once created a company , it will need a bank account…do you recommend any bank with good quality service and low rates ?
9. How long does it take to create a business bank account ?
10. Can they create a personal bank account as well ?
11. What is your opinion with the on line banks …like Qonto for example ?
12. How much the services of an accountant cost in France ? ( on average ) Can you recommend a serious accountant in Alsace area ?
13. Regarding medical insurance – once I’m creating a company in France I’m I entitled to receive it ?  How long does it take to receive the medical insurance ?  ( Carte Vitale ? )
14. Can I add members of my family on my insurance ? My parents for example ?
15. Apart from that , just in case , do you recommend a good private medical insurance company in France ?
16. If after the creating a company I would like to buy a car ( from Germany for example and bring it to France ) and add it on the company’s name , can I do that ? How long does it take and what are the steps in order to do that ? This car- should be registered at the company address – in the town/region where the company social siege is ? Should pass the controle technique in the town where the company has the domiciliation ?
17. If I want to buy a house/apartment in France , (as a citizen of European Union state) do I need to follow a special procedure or I just follow the Real Estate agent and the Notaire ?
18. How long does it take to complete the procedures from the moment you like a house to the moment you are the owner ?
19. Once a house/apartment is bought it probably needs an Insurance ? Could you recommend a serious house insurance company in France ?
Thank you very much for your kindness

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