Business cotisation category for a gite in France?

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I have been paying my business cotisations in France for my gite online each trimester since February 2015, when I registered as Herbegement touristique et autre herbegement de courte duree. When I submit my cotisations each quarter only two categories show in the Declaration box: Chiffre d’affaires des ventes de marchandises and Chiffre d’affaires des prestations de services.

I have always entered my figures in the latter because I didn’t think ventes de marchandises described my type of business in France. However, reading your recent post about the 2017 auto-entrepreneur changes, you list three categories:

  • 13.4% for trading, resale, gites and chambres d’hôtes
  • 23.1% for services activities and manual activities
  • 22.9% for profession libérales, e.g. consulting, teaching, editing, training, programming, etc.

So it would seem that I may have been filling in the wrong box as I am taxed at 23.1%. Could you confirm please whether I should be entering my figures in Chiffre d’affaires des ventes de marchandises and if so, can I just start declaring as such from the next quarter onwards or will this be queried by URSSAF.

If I have been declaring incorrectly, presumably I am theoretically due a refund.

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