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Hello again, thanks for your help last time. I’ve got a question about the building I’m running my AE out of. I will be running walking tours, research workshops as well as having open days for the public once a month. Now the building I’m working out of is around 30m^2. I read somewhere that if your building is under 1000m^2, then a building inspection is not necessary for opening to the public. However I’m not sure about this and I have a few questions:

  1. Do I need an inspection or not?
  2. The front door of the building opens inwards, will I need to change this to open outwards?
  3. There is a step up into the building, do I need to do something about this to comply with disability access?
  4. My building was built in 1923. We have bathroom facilities, do I have to make these disabled accessible?

Many thanks

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