Brocante and tea room registered as one business in France?

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I had asked you previously about starting a brocante in my barn as an auto-entrepreneur business in France and thank you for your prompt replies. I would now like to know if it is going to be possible one day under the same business to sell local produce, English food items and at a later date sell tea and coffee and possibly sandwiches and light snacks. I kind of have this vision of a little farm shop. I understand that at a later date I will need to re register as another enterprise but just wondered if this could all be registered under one?

If I was selling tea and coffee would I need a separate kitchen? Food I understand, but what about non alcoholic beverages and ice creams? If I was selling any food items that are not prepared on site, for example if I ordered pizza’s and quiche from our local boulangerie would I still need a separate kitchen?

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