Best legal entity to start b&b with view to becoming hotel restaurant and covering events.

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I have found a chateau which I would like to develop into a business. I have not bought it yet. I am a UK citizen (without EU relatives although I believe my children may be entitled to an EU passport). The property is a chateau with outbuildings. At the moment is it home to the owners and they also run a gite. There are various dilapidated outbuildings.

I would like to - Immediate ambition:

  1. Be able to live there, but not all year
  2. Be able to continue with the gites
  3. Be able to use one or more of the existing houses as a long term rental
  4. Run a B&B offering food to guests

With a view to developing the enterprise to:

  1. Cater for events such as marriages
  2. Develop the B&B side into a hotel
  3. Develop the food side into a bar/ restaurant. It will use local ingredients but the cuisine will be more mediterranean than specifically French.
  4. Possibly develop some of the outbuildings into retail space as offices
  5. Possibly develop some of the outbuildings for use by local artisans.

My income is generated from UK property and this income stream will continue. I will use the income from the chateau enterprise to reinvest. The chateau will not be encumbered by a mortgage.

Can you please advise the best legal entity for purchasing the chateau in the first instance and whether I should set up as a chamber d’hote in the first instance and change the legal structure later if and when I am successful, or not.  I appreciate this is a huge topic so if you have written any articles/ books that you can point me to I will be happy to go to these.

Thank you so much,

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