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My Husband and I have recently purchased 2 properties in France.
We are paying cash for both of them and have staggered settlements for 4 months away and 6 months away.
Property #1 is for us to live in and also host Airbnb guests on 1 level of the home.
Property #2 is only a couple of streets away and this is an Airbnb property too.

My Husband is a tradesman in Australia and we would like to start a business for him here in France.
I will manage our family & the Airbnb’s at Property #1 & #2.
Both properties require minimal renovations that my husband will carry out.

Questions for you smile

  1. As Aussies, what Visa is most applicable for us to apply for so that we can stay in France permanently to run our 2 separate businesses?
  2. What paperwork and registration/s will my husband need for his business?
  3. What paperwork and registration/s will my business need am I a Gite/Hotel?
  4. Is there a French Business we can pay to set up all our Business admin/registration for both my husband and I, or is this something an Accountant can execute?

We have already set up a joint bank account at Credit Agricole.
We will be back in France in 4 weeks time, so I’d like to have our business structures and registration sorted out so I can open bank accounts for both businesses once we get there next month. But…
I am very confused about the order I do things so as to get the right Visa’s for us.
-Should I register both business’s and open bank accounts OR apply for visa’s first then do business registration and bank accounts later?

Thank you

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