Basis of AE registration & future implications

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We are unsure that we were advised to set our businesses up in the best way when we registered as AE’s 4 years ago so want to check.
Myself - Chambre D’hote (in main house) & Gite (attached) 5520Z Hébergement touristique et autre hébergement de courte durée.  Earnings this year will be circa 20,000€, split equally between the gite & chambre d’hote.                                                 
URSSAF cotisations - Chambre d’hote – 528 Ventes de marchandises (BIC) & Gite – 538 Prestations de services (BIC)
My husband - Consultancy Services 7022Z Conseil pour les affaires et autres conseils de gestion. Earnings are fairly nominal circa 5,000€ p.a.
URSSAF cotisations – 791 Prestations de services (BNC)

1. If this is not the best way, what are the implications and what can we do?
2. This gives us access to the French healthcare system but does this mean that some or all of our pensions when we take them in the future will be subject to Social Charges?
3. When we sell chambre d’hote/gite how long am I able to carry on with Nil declarations with the intention of setting up a new business (Gite or Chambre D’Hote) at a new address, or add or change my AE registration, for example to host French students, teach English, etc,
4. Does this have an impact on the healthcare as we have it at the moment?

Thank you for your help

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