Bank wants to close my business account

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I have a SAS company and I have a business bank account with Credit Du Nord, Place Victor Hugo, Paris. The banker told me at the time of opening that the bank account costs 26 euros a month. I accepted and submitted all the papers towards opening the account.

After account opening, I found that there were various fees and charges getting added to my account. So I asked the banker for an explanation. There were incoming wires where the amount received was about 500 euros less than what was sent! So I asked for an explanation also. The banker’s response was always to send me links to their website about the charges and not explaining what the charges were! Finally I found out that the monthly charges were 67 euros and not 26 euros as earlier informed!

Thanks to all this communication, the banker sent me an email saying that he will stop our relationship immediately due to excessive communication! Then he went onto cut off online access to my account (he deleted by account!). Then today, I received a letter in the mail informing me that they will close my account in 60 days. Now I have no access to my funds and I have to find a new bank before I can access them.

Am I supposed to take this abuse from the banker? I cannot imagine banks in any other country behaving this way. I would like some advice on whom to complain and what compensation to ask.

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